You are an Artist

You are an Artist




Do you believe you are creative?


I used to believe I wasn’t creative. That I missed out on that special gene that allows for soulful expression. I used to believe artistry was for a select few with an alternative lens through which they could see life. Back then, my definition of what encompassed creativity was seriously lacking. What I have learned is that life itself is a work of art and that we are inherently creative. Our soul gifts and signature expression are all different and unique but at the core of all living beings is a powerful will to create. We are immersed in the creative artistry that is life on Earth, and we are the artists of our own life. We spiral around the infinite spirals of life that surround us, whilst infinite creative spirals circle within us. It’s simply magical.  

Embodying the essence of creative living allows us to more seamlessly interweave our inner divine masculine and divine feminine. A balanced appreciation for spiritual and physical aspects of life can unfold. We dance with the rhythm of life, rather than trying to choreograph a linear process amongst the eternal circular patterns that make up the sacred geometry of life. Exploring our internal creative cycle and our experience of it can help us to harness and embrace the power of life.

When I began to open myself to my inherent creative nature, it felt very confronting and conflicting. In a world with so many unwritten rules to follow, it felt challenging to break free from the binds of the ‘step-by-step’ processes I had known. Colouring outside the lines felt dangerous. Making up things as I went felt irresponsible. Not having the feedback of what was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ felt wildly unfamiliar. Learning to express from within, playing by my own rules, and trusting in my soul guidance was an unpaved terrain. I felt convinced I was wearing the wrong kind of shoes for this type of journey. Step by step, my awkward movements became more fluid. My clumsy feet found their rhythm. Old outdated dance moves that felt choreographed and imposed grew to be unbound and free. The shackles lifted, and my soul expanded.

Interestingly, when I began to understand the natural creative nature of life, and as my understanding of creativity expanded, my creative instincts grew. I found hidden treasures and curiosities that I wanted to explore sitting deep within my core. It no longer mattered if I was ‘good’ at something. What mattered is that I was experiencing the fullness of life.


I now see my life as an opportunity to create a sacred masterpiece. How I choose to be is what I choose to create. My way of mothering, my exploration of writing, long walks contemplating life,  intuitive movement practices, conversations with spirit, and co-creation within dynamic relationships – are all works of sacred art that I get to explore, experience, and share with life. We all have something living inside of us that deserves to be shared. This is the magic of life. I wonder what is within you waiting to be expressed? What aspects of your creative nature are you already harnessing that deserve to be celebrated?


Below I share a poem I wrote celebrating creativity and life. The inspiration hit at 2 AM  as it often does. I have learnt to have a little notebook and pen by my bed.



Finding your voice

Does not happen

Behind closed lips


Truth is not revealed through

Confined choreographed expression


The beauty of your life force desires her revelation

Your creative canvas deserves to be



The signature of your soul

Wishes to dance with life.

Your humble magnificence, calling to be



Open the doors to the fullness of you.

Allow the floodgates to open

And the fruitful waters of your nature to move through you.

Let life flow through you

Sharing the magic of your creative essence through

The art of living.




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