The Pelvic Bowl is a sacred and powerful space within the woman's body. It is a space that houses infinite creativity and extraordinary intuition. When women live in deep connection with their feminine body, we are able to access the profound wisdom that lies within. When we feel connected to our pelvic bowl we feel at home in our body, centered in our self, and we stand in our truth with confidence and compassion. When we feel disconnected from this space (often as a result of feminine body shame or trauma) we hide pieces of ourselves that we feel uncomfortable expressing, we feel inconvenienced by our feminine body, and we sense a feeling of 'not being enough'.

Over the past 5 years I have worked with women, supporting them to connect to their feminine body and access the profound womb wisdom within.  Over this time I have developed an integrative practice that incorporates traditional evidence based physiotherapy techniques with eastern medicine approaches.

You are invited to join a small group of women, in a safe and sacred space, to connect with and explore your feminine body. This is a 2 part Womb Wisdom & Pelvic Care workshop series (in-person & online) that will gift you the opportunity to immerse yourself in embodied practices that help stimulate pelvic connection and learn how your body speaks to you.

Womb Wisdom Part 1 in-person workshop -  Townsville

During this 2.5 hr workshop you will experience:

  • Opening circle
  • Guided breath & meditation practice
  • Gentle sound healing
  • Guided self massage (warming womb oil provided)
  • Gentle movement
  • Closing circle

Each woman will also receive a take home her signature womb massage oil by The Ritual Space

Pelvic Care Part 2 - Online Workshop

This workshop is included for Townsville workshop participants at no additional cost. It can also be purchased as a stand alone workshop.

Investment = $40

90 minute Zoom live call (with recording available) that will cover:

  • Basic deep core & pelvic floor anatomy
  • Gentle internal pelvic floor self massage techniques & soft tissue release techniques
  • Guided pelvic floor activation techniques
  • An introduction to energetic anatomy & pelvic bowl energy reading

Who is the Womb Wisdom Workshop for?

If you are a Townsville Local this is the perfect opportunity to sit in sacred space with other women and have time to connect to your self and your body.bIn particular this workshop is for any woman who would like to:

  • Feel a deepened positive connection to her body
  • Become more familiar with her body
  • Would like to know how to perform womb massage for herself
  • Would love to understand how to sense how her womb speaks to her through different sensations and energetic qualities
  • Sense how to activate her deep core with gentle movement
  • Release shame around the feminine body
  • Feel nourished in her self
  • Take time for reflection about how you move through your world
  • Bring deepening alignment to your life
  • Sense the power of subtle and simple practices

The Online Pelvic Care Workshop is perfect for women who:

  • Are curious about how her deep core and pelvic floor
  • Want to be able to have a way to monitor her own pelvic health
  • Would like to support her pelvic wellness through self-massage and other gentle techniques
  • Would like to increase her knowledge, understanding, and confidence in performing independent pelvic care


The in-person 2.5 hour workshop will be held Sat Oct 16 9am -11:30am

The 90 min Zoom call will be held Thurs 21st Oct 8pm


The in-person workshop will be held in the beautiful Core Movement Sister Studio at 146 Ross River Road

What's Provided (In-Person Workshop):

Yoga Mats, Bolsters, Blankets will be provided

Each woman will receive a bespoke womb warming massage oil by The Ritual Space

An email will be sent with a list of simple things to bring to make your experience enjoyable



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Yolanda Geelong
What I love most about Taryn is how multidimensional she is. Taryn feels like a friend who provides physiotherapy wisdom like an expert & showers you with guidance like a spiritual guru. Taryn is a body positive practitioner which was particularly important to me, she does not recommend or conduct any form of screening that may cause distress. Taryn accepts you as you are wherever you are at and provides absolutely no pressure on you whatsoever to follow a regimen. Taryn & I have completed great work together over multiple sessions & I have taken on & implemented daily actions based on advice from Taryn. I have made great discoveries by working with Taryn and I truly feel she can be of great value to a client wishing to be gently supported on this sometimes challenging journey of life in the human body.
Tessa Victoria

Taryn has helped me more than words can explain. She is patient, very present and one of the most supportive practitioners I have ever worked with. I was dissociating from my body during sex as a result of an emotionally abusive relationship. Through working with Taryn, I can now be present in sex and I am working with her on being open and vulnerable to intimacy. I also have an overactive pelvic floor that Taryn is helping me to manage. She is amazing in that she helps to remove the shame I have felt about having a “defective” body part - and she has taught me that there is nothing wrong, just something I need to work on if I choose to do so. I can’t wait to continue to work with Taryn on all things sex, intimacy, and pain management.

Stefanie Melbourne

Taryn is a gifted practitioner with the unique ability to blend the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of pelvic health together. I have experienced many pelvic floor assessments over the years and none of them have incorporated the integrated approach that Taryn creates. Her ability to challenge the traditional idea of pelvic health and wellness by incorporating mind-body awareness and connection is invaluable to those she serves. After years of searching for an integrated pelvic health approach, I’m grateful to have finally found it with Taryn. I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe working with Taryn which helped to create a deep sense of healing. Thank you Taryn for the work you are doing. It is so very needed and appreciated.