Woman and her Drum


Woman and her Drum



Awakening sleeping imprints and unveiling sacred maps to hidden worlds.

As the voices of our forgotten ancestors hear the beating of our drum.

The familiar sound of feet slapping against the Earth.

Hearts dancing around the luminous fire of our collective souls.

Lost conversations beckon translation.

Calling forth woman and her drum.

Sleeping ears wake to the vibration.

Collapsed lungs that breathe connection spring to life.

Stagnant pulses begin to flow again like a river dam broken.

Silent voices that hang in the mist make their way to willing hearts.

Together our wombs quake at equal resonance of our mother, Earth.

Frighteningly fierce,

Roaringly powerful.

Unsung rage delicately balancing on the precipice of explosion lights her match.

With every beat of the drum, shackles loosen.

Tired hearts envelop the vigour of life.

Roots break through solid ground, cracking impenetrable soil.

Hearts drink in the depths of the ocean.

 Opening beyond the fear of our last breath.

Gathering wisdom of land, sea and sky.

We remember what was forgotten long ago.

United once again.

Voices no longer restrained.

Hearts no longer closed.

Wombs no longer cold and empty.

Blood rituals restored.

Rites of passage remembered.

Soul truths reclaimed.

This is the sound of the healing orchestra created by

Woman and her Drum.


Woman Drum Healing


A couple of months after the birth of my son, walking a particular path in Townsville known as Mount Louisa, became my daily ritual. What began as a way of reconnecting with my body after birth deepened into a regular spiritual practice. My awareness was drawn to the messages delivered by nature and the signs of life. With the support of a beautiful friend and magical guide, Cat, I became increasingly attuned to the messages of life and the guidance offered by spirit.  As I continued to connect with the land with an openness to receive, I heard a loud and clear message that I was to craft a medicine drum to take with me on my travels around Australia. Weeks passed, and in conversation with another friend and Postpartum Doula, Tanya, I learned that a woman named Siobhan would be travelling through Townsville offering a medicine drum crafting workshop. It was an immediate whole body yes!

A couple of months later I walked into the same space where I had received the most magical postpartum Closing of the Bones Ceremony. A ceremony co-facilitated by my Doula, Tanya. It was here that I sat among a small group of women as we crafted our drums. As I weaved the hide to create my medicine drum, I reflected upon my own birth, my creative process, and the evolution of self that bought me to sit in this space. It felt profound and magical to witness the series of serendipitous events that lead me to my drum. The collective wisdom of women was what supported me in my journey to crafting my drum. This is powerfully symbolic and beautifully reflective of the medicine that women and drum hold.

During our first stop around Australia, I experienced my first drumming journey with my medicine drum at Cape Hillsborough. It was during this experience that I received the messages from Woman and Drum that inspired the above piece of writing. I write this as a thank you to all of the women who have supported me in my journey so far, and to remind us of the healing revealed when we connect to land, spirit, and one another.

With love,

 Taryn xx