Walking Your Soul Path


Walking Your Soul Path



I walk my path, knowing my wholeness.

My heart and feet beat as one.

Frequently, a familiar blinding beam shines in my periphery.

Once mistaken as a lighthouse beacon,

the dangling carrot diverts my attention.

This shiny light will burn my soul if I stare too long.

Its poisonous rays prey on my ego.

Highlighting false flaws attempting to erode my solid floor.

Unscathed, my heart gently shifts my gaze back to truth.

The distraction reminding me of a world I’ve unsubscribed from.

My feet dance a different rhythm now.

One of softness, fullness, aliveness, and simplicity.

With the truth of life illuminated, the facade no longer holds my attention

Nor distracts my intention.

I walk my path, knowing my wholeness.



When we choose to take the path less travelled, to live with less and to opt for simplicity and pleasure, a human tendency can arise. A tendency to be allured by shiny things. What I call Seductive Illusion. The smoke and mirrors lifestyle. The things that we have learnt to want and need to be prepared to betray our values to get.

In my heart, I know that our true desires are revealed by following our soul values.

The instant satisfaction that is grasped momentarily, will never be enough to fill a soul value void.

The soul speaks the language of simplicity.

Life itself is more than enough.

It’s the vibrancy of life that my heart wants to chase.

The shiny things immediately lose their polish if I need to sacrifice my meaning-filled core values. So, when a want peaks its head, I need to ask – Does this align with my core values?

Is this a true soul seed?

Or, is this desire a seductive illusion?


When my soul speaks, I can stay on path, trusting that my true desires will be revealed.

Living our values doesn’t mean we miss out on the good things in life.

Living our values amplifies the longevity of deep satisfaction by plucking our investment in superficial gratification. As we sift through the noise, the quieter our life becomes and the louder our soul wisdom can speak.

I wonder what language your soul speaks?

And what soul seeds you have ready to sew and blossom within?