Practitioner in your pocket


Practitioner in Your Pocket – 1 Week Voxer with Taryn


Facilitator ‏: ‎ Taryn Gaudin

Duration:  One week – Unlimited Voxer Support

 App: Voxer – Free voice messaging app


About your space

Taryn’s online Holistic Wellness Mentoring Space is a holistic, feminine, reflective, fluid space that allows you to explore the wholeness of you. When you enter your space Taryn welcomes ALL of you – there are no parts that you need to hide or with hold and nothing is irrelevant or ‘off track’.

When you are welcomed into your Voxer (Free voice messaging app) space, Taryn will invite and guide you to share aspects of your wellbeing that feel important for you to explore in that moment. Offering you reflections, personalised practices, intuitive guidance, alternate perspectives, and space to feel seen and heard, Taryn will support you in your unique healing journey. Knowing that all things are connected, and that YOU are the expert in your healing pathway, Taryn offers a safe and sacred space that facilitates your wellbeing journey.

Over the week, jump in/out of your space when it feels right for you. Send Taryn a typed or voice message – allow your words to flow unfiltered. Taryn will return your message with reflections, insights, guidance, practices and affirmation. Think of this as a ‘practitioner in your pocket’ where you can continue to integrate and grow.