Guided Self Womb Massage


Guided Self Womb + Abdominal Massage


Facilitator ‏: ‎ Taryn Gaudin

Date‏: ‎ Tues May  7, 10am  OR Thurs May 9, 8pm

Duration:  One hour 



If you would like additional support after the immersive experience, join Taryn in a safe and sacred space carved out entirely for you. Explore, unpack, and integrate with a week of Voxer voice messenger support. 

 You can find out more about this space here

About the journey

As you anchor yourself in your body, explore your womb space, and relax deeply into your pelvic bowl, activate your core wisdom and explore the energy of this space in your body. As you tend to your womb, and bring your awareness to this space, receive the wisdom your body has to offer. 
Choose from one of two sessions, Tues May 7  10am AEST OR  Thurs May 9 8pm AEST via Zoom.
Upon booking your space, Taryn will send you pre-practice guidance and the links to calls.