Homegrown – pregnancy, birth, and postpartum online series


Nourish your mind, body, and soul during pregnancy and postpartum with the self paced online portal 


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  • 21 Videos approx 8.5 hours of viewing time
  • 3 x In-depth Journal’s with powerful journal prompts for self-reflection (PDF’s)
  • 2 x Supportive Information Booklet’s (PDF’s)
  • Beautiful anatomical images to support your learning
  • Lifetime Access
“I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms.”

I found navigating the platform easy and accessible. After the practices I felt more calm, grounded, and focused and enjoyed how Taryn gives simple breakdowns of things that can be easily incorporated into my daily routines such as the massage, breathing, etc. I also enjoyed the educational aspect, which helped me feel more informed about my body.

The sequencing of videos built a good foundation, but also allowed me to jump around without needing to watch everything in order. Taryn is very calm and knowledgeable in her approach and her passion and expertise shined through. I also liked how Taryn emphasized not needing the perfect environment to practice and working with the time and space you have. I’ve especially enjoyed the sections on pelvic health, massage, exercises, etc.

I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms, those thinking about becoming pregnant, and those postpartum. There is a lot of content for the value, which was awesome and some bonus items, too!