• Want to increase your confidence in working with women in a more holistic, feminine & sacred way
  • Feel the pull to creating unique health care offerings that blend evidenced based medicine & intuitive wisdom
  • Sense that you can create a more holistic way of approaching wellness, and want to be the waking & talking embodiment of what you stand for
  • Wish to celebrate what it means to be a woman, in your work & your life
  • Want to create no lines of separation between your life & your biz
  • Want to deepen your knowing of the energetic, spiritual, and emotional aspects of Women's Wellness & Sacred Feminine Biz


  • Are looking for specific training on how to conduct physical pelvic floor assessments to diagnose & treat from a physical standpoint
  • Do not wish to stretch yourself to step outside current models of care
  • Do not believe in feminine wisdom or embodied ways of teaching
  • Don’t like to learn in a group setting
  • Don't feel like it's for you


Here's a brief overview of what's included in the training. There are 2 levels of support to choose from #PractitionerPilgrimage OR #PersonalisedPractitionerPilgrimage


  • 4 x 90 minute Zoom Calls over 4 months (content details below)
  • Monthly embodied practice
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks to accompany each stage of the training program - with practices, reflective questions, & information
  • Group voice messenger support via Voxer (free messaging app) for you to share your thoughts & ideas, & ask questions

Investment + $777


In addition receive

  • 3 x 1:1 60 minute Zoom calls to discuss your ideas, gain clarity, & talk specifically to your personal goals & vision - designed to be used at the beginning, mid-way point, and end of your journey
  • Personalised voice messenger support

Investment = $1222


Zoom 1 Holistic Health Care for Women

During this month we will explore:

  • Embodied teaching & learning - how & why learning from an embodied perspective helps you to understand the physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual aspects of your work more deeply.
  • What does holistic health care for women mean - specifically how to integrate emotional, energetic, & spiritual body alongside physical wellbeing
  • What holistic care for women looks like & feels like - how womens stories, cycles, seasons, & transition phases can impact our health care approach
  • Explore the barriers / limiting beliefs you have in regards to offering this type of care
  • Be initiated into an embodied practice that invites self inquiry into the physical energetic & emotional body & spiritual self

Zoom 2 Practitioner Versus Space Holder

During this month dive deep into

  • The difference between being a practitioner & a space holder - how to integrate holistic aspects (emotional/spiritual/energetic/physical) into practitioner space by becoming a space holder
  • The elements of space holding
  • How you can integrate being a space holder & practitioner - honouring your desire to create a holistic health care approach whilst maintaining your integrity & evidence based practice
  • Components of current models of care - including subjective & objective assessment, treatment planning, therapeutic offerings & follow up - & how these look and feels different in a holistic practice setting
  • Be initiated into an embodied practice that invites self inquiry into the physical energetic & emotional body & spiritual self

Zoom 3 Women’s Womb Wisdom

In this month explore some of my absolute favourite elements

  • Women’s cycles, seasons & womb wisdom from a physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual perspective
  • Consider how these impact the way we work with women (deepen your understanding)
  • Tune into your own unique rhythm, seasons, cycles, & your body to sense this from an embodied perspective
  • Explore your creative nature - what is your creative rhythm?
  • Connect to your intuition - so that you can become a more intuitively led practitioner
  • Be initiated into an embodied practice that invites self inquiry into the physical energetic & emotional body & spiritual self

Zoom 4 Sacred Feminine Biz

In this month feel into

  • How sacred feminine biz looks and feels different to 'usual business approaches' & how this will transmute how you work with women
  • Aligning your biz to your vision, values & stage/phase of your life
  • How to curate specific offerings
  • How your story will help you to connect to women & potential clients
  • How you channel divine guidance to direct your biz & create offerings
  • Be initiated into an embodied practice that invites self inquiry into the physical energetic & emotional body & spiritual self


The current Practitioner Pilgrimage is in full swing and finishes in November. The next Pilgrimage reopen in 2022. Limited spaces will be available and registration inquiries are already being taken. Please email me (Taryn) to register your interest - taryn@taryngaudin.com

For anyone unable to be present live, a recording will be offered.



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Yolanda Geelong
What I love most about Taryn is how multidimensional she is. Taryn feels like a friend who provides physiotherapy wisdom like an expert & showers you with guidance like a spiritual guru. Taryn is a body positive practitioner which was particularly important to me, she does not recommend or conduct any form of screening that may cause distress. Taryn accepts you as you are wherever you are at and provides absolutely no pressure on you whatsoever to follow a regimen. Taryn & I have completed great work together over multiple sessions & I have taken on & implemented daily actions based on advice from Taryn. I have made great discoveries by working with Taryn and I truly feel she can be of great value to a client wishing to be gently supported on this sometimes challenging journey of life in the human body.
Tessa Victoria

Taryn has helped me more than words can explain. She is patient, very present and one of the most supportive practitioners I have ever worked with. I was dissociating from my body during sex as a result of an emotionally abusive relationship. Through working with Taryn, I can now be present in sex and I am working with her on being open and vulnerable to intimacy. I also have an overactive pelvic floor that Taryn is helping me to manage. She is amazing in that she helps to remove the shame I have felt about having a “defective” body part - and she has taught me that there is nothing wrong, just something I need to work on if I choose to do so. I can’t wait to continue to work with Taryn on all things sex, intimacy, and pain management.

Stefanie Melbourne

Taryn is a gifted practitioner with the unique ability to blend the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of pelvic health together. I have experienced many pelvic floor assessments over the years and none of them have incorporated the integrated approach that Taryn creates. Her ability to challenge the traditional idea of pelvic health and wellness by incorporating mind-body awareness and connection is invaluable to those she serves. After years of searching for an integrated pelvic health approach, I’m grateful to have finally found it with Taryn. I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe working with Taryn which helped to create a deep sense of healing. Thank you Taryn for the work you are doing. It is so very needed and appreciated.