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Podcast series for women With Kate Payne & Taryn Gaudin

Would you like to connect more deeply to yourself & your body, starting NOW? Curious to know more about what it is I do? Check out Wholeness: A podcast for women.

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Menstruation to Motherhood

Episode 1 Season 1 with Taryn & Kate

In our Western Culture Menstruation is often viewed as shameful, dirty, and something to be secretive about.

This narrative sets the scene for other major life transitions that women move through including their fertility & conception journey, pregnancy, birth & motherhood.

In this episode we explore the narratives around these life transitions and how they impact our relationship with our body.

We highlight how each of these phases offers women an in invitation to deepen their relationship with their body, and provide practices that can help us to embody our innate wisdom.

To accompany each episode of this series we offer some reflective questions to contemplate. Reflecting upon your relationship with your cycle.


Creativity for Women

Episode 2 Season 1 wih Taryn & Kate

In this episode we explore creativity and sacred art. We dive into:

  • Defining Creativity and the many forms of creative expression

  • How we lean into creativity from an intuitive sense, for the purpose of self expression and self reflection and how this looks and feels different to creating for the purpose of a particular outcome.

  • How embracing our innate creative nature can lead to expansive self expression in all aspects of our life.

  • What sacred art is and how the process of creativity looks and feels different when we are embracing our feminine and masculine nature.

  • What stifles our creativity

  • How disconnecting from our creative nature stops us from fully expressing ourselves in our life

  • How the process of creativity gives us clarity

  • How we can use creativity and sacred art as part of our healing journey.




Reclaiming Sovereignty

Episode 3 Season 1 wih Taryn & Kate

This is a conversation that is so close to our hearts. In this episode we dive into

  • What sovereignty means

  • How we finely tune our awareness of self so that we can feel fully sovereign across all aspects our life

  • How it feels when we align to our sovereignty, & how we can identify when we are stepping out of this space of personal power

  • How we create intentions for living from a space of body wisdom, rather than from an intellectual space

  • The effects of trauma, childhood development, social conditioning and our environment on our ability to tune into & trust our intuition

  • How we can begin to trust our intuitive inner knowing more deeply & confidently

  • Sovereignty in the context of femininity.



Sex & Sensuality Part 1

Episode 4 Season 1 wih Taryn & Kate

This was such a dynamic topic of conversation that we had to spread this conversation over two parts. In part 1 of Sex & Sensuality we talk about:

  • The interconnectedness of how women experience their bodies sensually and sexually – how our our relationship with our body and our self, affects our experience of sex

  • Sexual and sensual energy, how they are different, and why connecting to your sensuality lays the foundations for better sex

  • Sensuality and pleasure & exploring pleasure & joy within your body

  • How women would like to experience sex & the divide that can exist between how we are actually experiencing sex & how we would like to experience sex

  • Exploring your own values and beliefs around sex

  • Finding safe spaces to explore and connect with our sensuality and sexuality

  • How we can feel more comfortable in our communication about sex with our partners

  • The cyclical nature of a women, and how our experience of sex can be different across different phases of our cycle

  • Sex and intimacy during different phases of our life cycle – menstruation, conception, pregnancy, motherhood & beyond.



Sex & Sensuality Part 2

Episode 5 Season 1 with Taryn & Kate

This was such a dynamic topic of conversation that we had to spread this conversation over two parts. In part 2 of Sex & Sensuality we dive into:

  • How a woman’s experience and views of sex & sensuality change over the lifecycle.

  • How we can change our relationship to sex & intimacy.

  • The effect of trauma (birth trauma, surgical/medical trauma, sexual trauma) and how we can regain our connection to our body so that we can feel more present and safe during sex.

  • How connecting with your body personally can change your experience of sex with a partner.

  • How we can step into deep acceptance and celebration of our sensual and sexual self.



The Normalisation of Pelvic Pain

Episode 6 Season 1 wih Taryn & Kate

Have you experienced pelvic pain? Period pain? Hormonal Headaches? Pain with Sex? In this episode we talk about the normalisation of pelvic pain and how women are often taught to expect that pain is a natural part of being in a Woman’s Body.

We talk about specific types of Pelvic Pain, the challenges around finding the root cause of pelvic pain, the multidimensional aspects of pelvic pain, and taking a more holistic / integrated whole body to healing pelvic pain.

We also share 2 beautiful and simple practices for you to explore.


Bonus Ep Cycles & Seasons

Episode 7 Season 1 wih Taryn & Kate

In this bonus episode we share with you an audio recording of our Cycles & Seasons Wisdom Offering from our Into The Wild Immersion. In this episode we share the transitions a woman moves through across the life cycle & the wisdom we gain as we move through these phases.

Kate talks specifically to Yogic Philosophy & the understanding of the The Feminine Siddhis including:

1.  Menarche & Menstruation,

2. Sexual awakening & female orgasm,

3. Conception, pregnancy, & miscarriag

4. Labour & Birth

5. Lactation

6. Menopause

We also share our own personal experiences of moving through some of our most challenging life transitions as women, what these experiences taught us, and how our relationship with ourselves & our world has changed because of them.

As this is an excerpt of our Into The Wild Immersion, we make reference to other resources that are included in the program. For more details on the Into The Wild Immersion visit: 


Guest Podcasts

podcasts featuring Taryn Gaudin

I love having conversations about all things women’s wellness. Here you will find a range of podcasts where I have been lucky enough to do just that.

womens health podcast

The Gumboots By The Sea

Author Spotlight

In this conversation Kate & we talk about women’s creativity.

Specifically, I share the process of writing Body Conscious: A woman’s guide to holistic pelvic wellness & feminine embodiment. 

womens podcasts

Enough Already!

with Callie Brown

Here I speak with the amazing Callie Brown Clarity Connection Coach.
In this Ep we talk all about the journey and physical transitions women move through – The misconceptions, the fears, women left feeling broken and the journey back into honouring yourself as wholeness, mind body and spirit.
I share my personal journey of building her business and sharing my knowledge, accreditations and passion for women’s wholeness online and in the creation of Body Conscious.
I also touch on the importance of connection and community for women to step into the fullness and resonance of her forever changing body and ever expanding soul.


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The Energy Shift: Body Conscious

with Ilana K Kinesiologist

Are you truly conscious or connected with your body? Many women have lost touch and the deep intuitive wisdom within their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. In this episode I dive deep into conversation with Taryn Gaudin, a passionate women’s integrated pelvic floor Physio about body consciousness and why this is essential for the modern day woman.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Taryn business and career journey.
  • Understand the definition of “Body Conscious”.
  • Why pelvic health is so important for women and connecting with this part of their body.
  • Why many women have lost the connection with their bodies, pelvic area and divine feminine energy.
  • How trauma can affect our connection with our bodies as women, especially the pelvic area.
  • Importance of self check in and women rituals.
  • Ways women can re-connect or heal their feminine connection.
  • Taryn top self-care non-negotiables.
  • Where to learn more about Taryn, her book and her work.


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Occupied Podcast

with Brock Cook

Integrated Women’s Health – Here we talk about:

  • Why an integrated approach to women’s health is vital in improving how women feel in their body
  • My pelvic health journey and how I came to create a more integrated holistic approach to women’s pelvic health
  • The challenges we face as practitioners and allied health professionals in creating a holistic approach to wellness
  • Stepping out of the box as a practitioner and creating your unique way of working with women
  • How we can integrate scientific evidence-based practices with eastern medicine
  • The importance of seeing the whole person as a therapist and how the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of a woman impact health and wellness.



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The Wellness Crew Podcast

with Carmel Mihos : Pelvic Health

Taryn is a women’s holistic Pelvic Floor physio and Whole-body connection Coach.

I had the pleasure of working with Taryn a couple of years ago and it was that session that I began my journey into body awareness and feminine energy so I’m really looking forward to sharing with you the amazing work that Taryn does.

In this episode we talk about feminine energy, pelvic floor health and how it affects our wellbeing. Taryn also shares ways we can create more body awareness daily.

Taryn also has her own book called Body Conscious that we speak quite a bit about. I read this book in record time there was so much to learn!


Hello Postpartum Podcast

with Carley : Pelvic Floor Issues in Postpartum


Women’s physiotherapist Taryn Gaudin talks about what pelvic floor is and how it can affect women in their postpartum recovery. Taryn brings the cause and complications of pelvic floor to light, sharing her knowledge in the many ways it can affect a women’s life both in both postpartum and the future.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your postpartum recovery, I hope this episode helps inspire you to take action in your recovery journey.

News & Media

featuring Taryn GaudiN
podcast series for womens health

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One of the biggest challenges women face after birth is returning to exercise and doing so safely. These tips can help.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist + Whole Body Connection Guide: Taryn Gaudin

Taryn Gaudin is a women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist and whole body connection guide. Taryn helps women connect to their wholeness through simple embodied practices so that they may experience and express their fullness in all aspects of their lives.