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Hi I’m Taryn,

Mama of 3, Lover of Movement + Exercise, Outdoor Enthusiast, Author of Body Conscious Woman, and Sunshine Coast Newbie. Holistic Women’s Wellness is my passion and supporting women to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is my life’s work.  My wish is for every woman to feel at home in her body, whole in her skin, centred in herself, and abundant in her life.

I help women to connect to their wholeness through Holistic Women’s Physiotherapy and Integrated Pelvic Health Practices, Mind-Body Connection Practices, Movement, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Intuitive Processes. Simply, I support women to connect deeply to their body so that they may experience their BODY WISDOM that can guide them to thrive in all aspects of life. 

After overcoming my own challenges with pelvic pain and poor body image, I’ve spent the last 8 years developing an alternative therapeutic approach to women’s wellness – combining clinical evidence-based physiotherapy practices with intuitive energy medicine. Reflecting a deep appreciation of the interconnection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, this unique therapeutic approach has been pivotal in uncovering the core issues of physical pelvic symptoms women experience and instrumental in supporting women to create a life they love.

I am excited to share I have re-opened face-to-face sessions! After spending a year travelling Australia with my family, we have relocated to the beautiful Glass House Mountains – Gubbi Gubbi Country, amidst the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where I now offer sessions from my home. 

If you would like to work with me, I invite you to take a look at my offerings and reach out with any questions you may have. You can connect with me by phone, email, or via socials. 

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My pelvic health journey and how I healed my relationship with my body

I believe that you are the expert in your body.

I believe that when you deeply connect with your body, your body will show you the way.

I believe that a positive & powerful connection with your body is the foundation for good living.

I believe that you deserve to feel at home in your body & when you do, you create a life that truly reflects you.


holistic women's physio

Why I became a Holistic Physio

Six weeks after giving birth I started running again. Fourteen months later I was representing Australia at The Triathlon Age Group World Championships in Chicago. Even though I was a first-time mother and tired as hell with a baby who didn’t sleep, I got there through the determination, discipline, and dedication that had seen me a national-level gymnast at 12 years of age. Just months after giving birth I felt strong, fit, and fast. I was proud of what my body could do, and for a fleeting moment, I was happy with how my body looked. But soon enough the strong self-criticism and self-evaluation returned. But I didn’t want to go back to that place, I was determined not to.

The birth of my first child was a strong catalyst that caused me to stop and look at my life and my relationship with myself and my body. The birth of my second child and the persistent, all-consuming pelvic pain I experienced was pivotal in helping me to create a new relationship with myself, and my body. The pain was physically and emotionally exhausting. In search of a way to fix my pain, my first point of call was to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Alongside my physio, I saw a naturopath, took Chinese medicines, and had acupuncture therapy. The pain continued without any real improvement. Months later, I was referred to a specialist Urologist Gynaecologist. I underwent laparoscopic surgery to investigate the cause of my pain, only to find nothing.

I felt burnt-out, frustrated, and as though my body was failing me. One day I became so exhausted from trying to “fix” my pain (and my life) that I simply decided to stop fighting against my body and to try and work with it. I decided to tune in and let my body lead the way, rather than trying to find a way to fix it. This was the beginning of an incredible journey where I recreated my entire relationship with myself and with my body. It would also be the pathway to finding the missing links of how I wanted to work with women, and how I could find the sense of ease I was yearning for in my work and in my life.

Once I had decided to simply be in my body, and let it be my guide, the layers of all the ways that I had been betraying myself, and my body, began to show. Not immediately of course, but bit by bit. With my acceptance of my pelvic pain, I was able to see that even though I was a physiotherapist and had a good understanding of the human body, and even though I was an athlete and I had an acute awareness of how my body moved physically and worked functionally, there were still so many ways I forced my body to do things that were depleting my energy by pushing on even when I was utterly exhausted. I began to realise that during all of the effort, a stream of self-criticism played on repeat; a constant evaluation that always read ‘not good enough’. I was tired, and my pelvic tension was my body’s way of finally getting my attention. 

Like so many women, throughout my lifetime I had constantly ignored, criticised, and buried parts of who I am, and now in this new phase of my life, I had a deep desire to reconnect with those parts of me. I believe my body was calling for me to soften – to become more kind and gentle with myself, and to tune into myself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

I began to rebuild the foundations of my mind-body connection, firstly by agreeing to listen to my body. I began tuning in to my body and asking how it felt and what it needed. To describe my journey is challenging because, like life itself, it was dynamicThere was no linear path. There were surges of growth, followed by long pauses of integration, huge a-ha moments, and lengthy periods of confusion. I spent a lot of time feeling like I was getting nowhere. The entire time though, I allowed myself to follow the thread of possibility, letting each clue lead to the next, and over time I began to understand my rhythm, my body, my nature, and what I needed to nourish my whole self. I learned the art of slow living, and practising self-compassion. I began embracing all of myself, particularly the softer, slower, and simpler feminine aspects that I had suppressed for such a long time. I began cultivating a lifestyle and working with women in a way that was completely unique to me.

My approach to Women’s Wellness

Body Conscious Living Lifestyle

is rooted in an understanding that there is more to us than just our physical body

Body Conscious Living Author

our emotional, energetic, and spiritual health have an impact on our overall wellbeing and quality of life

holistic physio approach

respects the multi-layered and dynamic nature of female wellness

women holistic physio

Respects that our body holds invaluable wisdom and can guide us to living a beauty filled, soul fueled life

Body Conscious Woman Author

appreciates the pathway TOWARD healing requires awareness and expression of our inner landscape

Body Conscious Author(1)

That our world would be a better place if we all expressed our unique soul code and blueprint

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Want to work with me?

You can choose to work with me in a number of different ways:

Face to face at my home clinic in Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast

Online, via Voice messenger or Zoom Support

By attending one of my Women’s Health Workshops.

Or by reading my book Body Conscious Woman.

Please take a look around, and get to know what I can offer. If you have any questions or would like to work with me in a personalised capacity, please feel very welcome to be in touch.

You can email me at to chat or

phone me 0478 655 010

I feel whole in my skin, at home in my body, and centred in my life.

And that is what I wish for you as well.

 My personal approach to women’s wellness and pelvic health therapy is rooted in an understanding that there is more to us than just our physical body and that our emotional, energetic, and spiritual health have an impact on our overall wellbeing and our pelvic health and wellness. I respect the multi-layered and dynamic nature of female wellness and offer a deep acknowledgment of the emotional pain that women can carry and hold in their bodies collectively and individually. I appreciate that the pathway towards healing requires awareness and expression of this pain, and that safe spaces are required for women to explore and express their physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Sometimes, simply acknowledging, understanding, and expressing what her body is feeling, is all that is required for her to feel nourished and whole. There is power in the simplicity of being with ‘what is’, without trying to fix or change anything. Whatever is present for us holds purpose – it is our body’s way of communicating.

In breaking down many of my old mindsets, patterns, and beliefs, and in learning to soften, I have a completely different outlook on life. Now when I need to practice discipline, dedication and determination, I can do so with a new awareness of my whole self and I can now embrace these qualities in ways that serve me, rather than feeling exhausted and anxious. In discovering my wholeness I have been able to create a life that feels more like me.

As we travel Australia we do so with the intention to create a more deeply aligned lifestyle from the foundation up. Our travel is in many ways a family pilgrimage to double down on what we value and to simply LIVE LIFE. If you dream about living a more fulfilling, aligned, and soul-centred life, but feel something is holding you back,  I would love to connect.