Five Magical Release Rituals to Embody During your Period.




Our menstrual cycle offers us direct insight into our inner realms and can be used to create practical magic. The bleed phase, often referred to as our inner winter, is a time for deep reflection and powerful release. Physiologically, our period is how our body shed what is no longer needed. We can use the bleed phase of our cycle to create potent practices for us to let go and release what no longer serves us on a broader whole-life scale. Here I share with you five sacred practices that you can consider using during your bleed to embody your feminine wisdom and connect to your inner witch wisdom. Perhaps not all these practices will resonate with you and you can modify any suggestions to feel aligned and true to you. There is no ‘right way’ to embody any of these practices, only your way. Trust your intuition and what feels authentic to you.




Earth Bleeding  is a process where you sit in connection with the Earth as you allow your blood to flow to her. Your intention for this practice may be to release something specific, or it may be to simply connect with your feminine essence and the wisdom of Mother Earth.

The process:

Sitting in a safe and comfortable space, breathe into your pelvic bowl and womb and notice what intention naturally arises from within. You may choose to place your hands on your womb space to facilitate this connection.

When you have connected with your intention, bring your awareness to your blood flowing from within your womb to the Earth beneath, Allow Mother Earth to receive your blood. You may feel the Earth accepting your sacred blood as nourishment – like leaves falling from trees, returning to the soil to enhance the nutrients. You may invite Mother Earth to support you in your process of shedding to create space for new ways of being.

You can choose to Earth Bleed with underwear on or with underwear removed – the mindful connection to and intention holds the power of this practice.  If you choose to remove your underwear, you may like to use a ‘bleeding cloth’ – a piece of natural fibre fabric usually made of a comfortable easy-to-wash material. A bleeding cloth is placed upon on the ground to sit upon.

Please be aware of your hygiene and safety during this process.



Sacred Blood Offering is a process of offering your blood directly to the Earth with a sense of reverence for yourself as a woman, for women as a collective, and for Mother Earth – the ultimate nourisher.  Depending on your menstrual product preference, you may empty your ‘cup’ or water from rinsed period underwear into your garden/plant as a symbolic offering to the Earth.


The process:


Again, tune into your intention for this process. You may be releasing someone or something specific, or connecting to the wholeness of you. Allow your intention to naturally arise as you connect to your body.

Once you understand your intention, ‘collect your blood’ – how you choose to do this will depend on your period product preference. I suggest placing your blood into a glass jar with a lid.

You may choose to place this jar upon an Earth Altar as you embody a chosen movement practice, divination process, or personal ritual. When you feel ready, find a place upon the Earth, or even a plant in your home where you can make your sacred offering. It may feel right to share some words of intention as your pour your blood to the Earth. It may feel powerful to make your sacred offering on the same land repeatedly over a period of months. Alternatively, you may feel called to take a pilgrimage of sorts, offering your blood to different land over time.




This simple yet potent practice supports us in connecting to the power of our bleed more regularly throughout our period. As you take a shower, or even whilst sitting upon the toilet,  tune into the sensation of release.  Feel your body shedding all that is no longer required as it creates space for new ways of being. This is a practice of honouring your body and acknowledging her magical processes.


claiming your creativity





Offering yourself a nourishing womb massage during your bleed is a way to acknowledge and honour your body and it’s natural processes. You may like to create yourself a ‘Red Tent’ or sacred space to enjoy your womb massage. A darkened room with intentionally lit candles, pillows and blankets for comfort, a natural oil for your massage, and a journal for reflections are some things you may like to use to create your sacred space.


The process:


For a guided practice click here.

Find yourself a safe and comfortable space for your massage.

If it feels safe, removing all clothing is recommended for this massage so that you can explore and nurture your body freely.

Breathe deeply into your pelvic bowl and connect to your intention for your massage. Your intention may be to simply connect with and honour your body.

Drop some oil onto your womb and abdomen. You may also like to place some oil between your palms, and rub your hands together vigorously to create some warmth.

When you feel ready, begin your massage.

You can use any pressure that feels comfortable to you. Some massage techniques that you may like to explore are:

      • Cross patterned strokes – Begin by placing your right hand at your left rib cage sweeping across the body to the right hip and vice versa.
      • Long horizontal strokes – Use the palm of your left hand to sweep from the right side of the abdomen to the left and vice versa. Start at the bra line and slowly work your way down to the pubic bone.
      • Long vertical strokes – Place both hands on the lower abdomen and sweep upwards towards the breasts using long vertical strokes. Repeat in the opposite direction.
      • Circular Massage – Using the palms of the hands, start on the perimeter of the torso and stroke towards the navel, creating a circle. With each stroke, bring the hand/s from the outer edges of the abdomen into the navel. You may like to imagine that you are bringing any ‘leaked energy’ that has escaped you back to your centre.
      • Ovarian Massage – Create small circles with the tips of the index and middle finger over the ovaries. Try circles in both directions.
      • Releasing what no longer serves – Start with your hands resting between your navel and pubic bone, gently sweep your hands across your abdomen towards the ground beneath you. Imagine ‘letting go’ of anything that no longer serves you as you do this.

Simply experiment and see what feels good for you.




Orgasm offers us a powerful energetic, emotional, and physical release.   During our period, orgasms help to release blood through the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. Our bleed phase is a time in our cycle when the veils between the physical realms and cosmic worlds are thin. As our cervix dilates gently to allow for our blood to flow, our wombs are open to the power of the cosmos, offering us a heightened sense of intuition. During an orgasm, our entire being is transformed to an altered state of bliss, which is a powerful place to create from. Embodying Sex Magic during your bleed may offer powerful transformations.

It may feel resonate to tune into the powerful release that accompanies an orgasm during your bleed – either with a lover, or through an act of self-love and self-pleasure.

Our period offers us an opportunity to connect with our feminine wisdom and to nurture and honour our whole self. Not all these practices will feel resonant with every woman, and what feels true for your during one bleed, might not feel right during another. I offer these practices as a way of self-exploration, for you to expand on and modify in any way that feels right for you. In my upcoming book Body Conscious Woman, I share more embodied practices to support you across each phase of your menstrual cycle and across your life as a whole. Subscribe below to be the first to know when Body Conscious Woman is ready to hold in your hands.