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How do I make an appointment?

You can contact Taryn via email taryn@taryngaudin.com or simply text Taryn today: 0478 655 010

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not require a referral for any appointment or session with Taryn

How many sessions will I require?

How many sessions you desire is ultimately up to you. Taryn recommends a period of integration time between sessions, and how long that integration period is will depend on multiple factors. Taryn will offer guidance in terms of how often you may wish to connect, but your intuition will be your best guide. Between sessions Taryn will provide practices for you, along with opportunities to connect via email or voice messenger. There is never any pressure from Taryn, her desire is to support you, whilst having you feel empowered, sovereign, and autonomous in your wellness journey. Taryn promises to be open, honest and up front, and to do her very best to support & guide you in the best way possible, whilst encouraging a strong sense of independence as opposed to ‘reliance’.

What does it mean to be Body Conscious?

The Body Conscious woman is one who lives in tune with her body’s rhythms. She understands her natural cyclical state, and that moving in tune with her unique rhythm creates peace and clarity in her word. The Body Conscious woman lives in deep connection and communication with her body. She knows her body’s language and is aware that living her truth feels expansive, open, peaceful, loving, and free. She senses her body’s energy contracting or shrinking when she moves away from her truth and uses this guidance to find her footing again. The Body Conscious woman celebrates the gifts that come with being a woman and the wisdom that her body holds by letting her body lead and guide her. She responds to her body’s needs, rather than suppressing them. She intuits her ways to optimal health, finding energetic nourishment moment by moment. 


I am thinking of buying your book Body Conscious - how can I know for sure it's for me

Head to the Body Conscious Book page to find out more about the book. You can also get a downloadable FREE first chapter of the book. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and share your name and email address and Taryn will send you the first chapter that you can read today.


Do you accept private heath?

Yes! Depending on the type of appointment/session that you scheduled with Taryn, she can most often provide an email receipt & treatment details for you to provide to your Private Health Fund.  This applies to face to face and online physiotherapy services.

What are your fees?

Fees vary depending on the offering you are seeking. Most of Taryn’s prices are listed here on her website. If, however, you are seeking a personalised offering, Taryn will discuss the financial investment with you.

How do I decide which of Taryn's offerings will best suit me?

If you are still not sure which of Taryn’s services are for you, there are a number of ways you can find out more.

Contact Taryn via phone 0478 655 010 or email Taryn taryn@taryngaudin.com

Taryn is very happy to create personalised offerings – so if there is a way in which you would like to work with Taryn that is not listed here on her site, please reach out.

One of the best ways to see if Taryn’s work resonates with you services is to join her on socials

practice with her via one of her YouTube videos or join her community over on Instagram. 

What are some of the reasons women seek your support?

There are many different reasons women seek Feminine Embodiment and Body Conscious Coaching support from Taryn – some of the most common are:


  • Safe return to movement and exercise after birth
  • Birth preparation
  • Postpartum support, care, and guidance. 
  • Healing pelvic trauma – including birth trauma, medical/surgical pelvic trauma, pregnancy and birth loss, healing after miscarriage or voluntary ending of pregnancy, healing from sexual trauma or sexual assault trauma
  • Healing pelvic health concerns including pelvic tension, pelvic pain, incontinence, pain with sex, healing prolapse
  • Improving body awareness and body image
  • Becoming more connected to your body
  • Healing feminine body shame – including menstrual shame and sexual shame
  • Becoming more connected to your body wisdom and in tune with your intuition
  • Creating a soul led business
  • Learning more about feminine embodiment and feminine body wisdom to support you in working with other women
  • Supporting health professionals and yoga teachers to understand feminine embodiment, create a more holistic approach to their practice, and to understand pelvic wellness
“I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms.”

I found navigating the platform easy and accessible. After the practices I felt more calm, grounded, and focused and enjoyed how Taryn gives simple breakdowns of things that can be easily incorporated into my daily routines such as the massage, breathing, etc. I also enjoyed the educational aspect, which helped me feel more informed about my body.

The sequencing of videos built a good foundation, but also allowed me to jump around without needing to watch everything in order. Taryn is very calm and knowledgeable in her approach and her passion and expertise shined through. I also liked how Taryn emphasized not needing the perfect environment to practice and working with the time and space you have. I’ve especially enjoyed the sections on pelvic health, massage, exercises, etc.

I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms, those thinking about becoming pregnant, and those postpartum. There is a lot of content for the value, which was awesome and some bonus items, too! 



“Taryn helped me more than words can explain.”

“She is patient, very present and one of the most supportive practitioners I have ever worked with. I was dissociating from my body during sex as a result of an emotionally abusive relationship. Through working with Taryn, I can now be present in sex and I am working with her on being open and vulnerable to intimacy. I also have an overactive pelvic floor that Taryn is helping me to manage. She is amazing in that she helps to remove the shame I have felt about having a “defective” body part – and she has taught me that there is nothing wrong, just something I need to work on if I choose to do so. I can’t wait to continue to work with Taryn on all things sex, intimacy, and pain management.”



“I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe”

“Taryn is a gifted practitioner with the unique ability to blend the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of pelvic health together. I have experienced many pelvic floor assessments over the years and none of them have incorporated the integrated approach that Taryn creates. Her ability to challenge the traditional idea of pelvic health and wellness by incorporating mind-body awareness and connection is invaluable to those she serves. After years of searching for an integrated pelvic health approach, I’m grateful to have finally found it with Taryn. I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe working with Taryn which helped to create a deep sense of healing. Thank you Taryn for the work you are doing. It is so very needed and appreciated.”