Claiming Your Creativity


Claiming Your Creativity



What is the creative claim you would like to stake?

Recently, I have been contemplating how embracing aspects of ourselves can lead to deepening embodiment. Sometimes we see glimpses of particular archetypes, soul codes, or personality traits that haven’t yet fully blossomed.  What I am learning is, that when our intuition is finely tuned, these glimpses can be invitations to new ways of being and can activate passions within us that we didn’t even know existed. I’m noticing that when we claim these parts of ourselves, they can come to life more fully, and quite unexpectedly.

As I embrace the writer archetype, my ability to express myself through writing grows. New opportunities to write are also revealing themselves. This week, I stated an intention to amplify my connection to my inner writer and to activate momentum toward revealing what ‘writing life’ might look like for me. The very next day I received an email with multiple invitations to write and share poetry based on particular themes. Not something I’d ever done before, but something I felt called to explore. Not ever expecting to write in this way, I was pleasantly surprised to find it playful and soul-engaging. I love this kind of magick! And this is exactly what I am talking about. When we allow our curiosity to take us places, and to explore parts of ourselves, we get to reveal more of our make-up and unique personality. It makes life fun and exciting!

Below, I share with you a glimpse into my journal, where I wrote a little about this new exploration.

Curiosity is calling. She has something to show me.

A part of self not yet seen.

A seed of creative expression sitting deep within my womb.

Ready to wrap herself around my core, riding the waves of my life force energy, until she reaches my lips.

A voice that wants to be heard.

An artform unable to be learned from a textbook or in any school.

An ancient craft that has lived within for millennia.

A soul gift.

A pathway to share sacred truths.


She is my teacher.

And as I bathe in possibility and shower her in nourishment,

She guides my path.


Art becomes activism.

A driving force.

An impulse.

A way of being. 

Your creativity can be your activism.

I wonder what gifts lie within you, waiting to be stirred to life!? It feels exciting to contemplate.

Having explored pieces of poetry this week, I want to share with you one that I wrote on my morning walk, which is a particularly good time for me to feel in the flow of things. Thanks to Callie Brown (Callie Coach) who shared the theme ‘Body Love’ for inspiration. It is one that is close to my heart.



creative feminine


Body Love



Lumpy at the seams.

Imperfections even the hottest iron couldn’t steam away.

Meant to be solid, faulty foundations wobble.

Continuous failed attempts to pare back the layers, the excess still sits.



Inadequacy reflected through every shop window and car door.


Fully clothed or stripped bare, nothing seems to fit.


Seeking solutions that promise to fix, weakness escalates.

Desperate for answers, tell-tale signs of time breathe down her neck.

Clock hands imprinted within deepening crevices.

No matter how poised, this skin belongs to her.



Louder and louder, the home she treats like a machine demands her attention.

Halted in her tracks.

Collapsed in cold tears.

A cloudy veil of confusion slowly lifts.




A strange yet familiar voice whispers.

Inviting her to sit.

Her humble heart, difficult to hear amongst overwhelming noise, finally captures her awareness. Against every piece of sound advice, she stops to listen.



Her body wisdom begins to speak.

Sharing long-forgotten secrets.

Eyes open to an expecting world with an insatiable appetite.

Perhaps it’s not about the food that passes her lips, but the thoughts her mind consumes.

An entire world opens.

Pulling back the curtains, beyond the concrete jungle, nature’s ways revealed.

Disgust dissipates.

Softening into her fullness.

A portal of acceptance opens.



Excavation becomes her daily practice.

Noticing old frames that no longer fit.

Trusting her strength, she welcomes her fragility.

Redefining her landscape through a lens of love.

Everything feels different now.

Room to move.


Regimented routines but a distant memory in her liberated freedom.


Gentle hands sweep across her body, revealing her delicate architecture.

Her lungs fill with peace.

She is home.

Draped in body love.


creative feminine


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