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Powerful Body-Connection Coaching Sessions

Do you feel called to embrace your feminine essence more deeply? Would you like to connect to the rhythm of your menstrual cycle, so that you can work alongside the power of your body, rather than against it? Are you tired of struggling in your day-to-day, feeling exhausted and depleted? Perhaps you are looking for a different way to heal trauma and feel connected to your feminine body and your womb. Maybe you feel called to embrace a more aligned lifestyle, but you feel unsure of how to go about it. No matter where you are on your journey, I trust that your body holds unique codes and keys to healing, growth, and creating more joy and peacefulness in your life. As a Body Conscious Coach, my role is to help you connect to your body and your self, so that you can access the wisdom that you hold within so that you can expand into the fullest expression of yourself in a way that feels joyful and free.

Body Conscious Coaching Session 

every session includes

Minute Body Conscious Coaching Session via zoom

Weeks of voice message support

Set of session notes

Offered online, Body-Conscious Coaching is a 90 minute powerful Body-Connection Coaching Session designed for women who want to connect with their body & self at a deeper level, to explore their essence & to expand into new ways of being whilst feeling supported along the way.

body conscious sessions

Body Conscious 3 month immersive package

Or choose the Body Conscious 3 month immersive package that helps you to sustain your commitment towards deeper self-understanding.

Immersive package includes:

  • 3 x 90 min coaching sessions (via Zoom)
  • Session notes
  • Access to embodied practices as recommended by Taryn
  • Voice messenger support over 3 months via Voxer app (unlimited connection with Taryn).


Connecting to our deep core energy helps to…


Keep us grounded


Connect to our feminine wisdom, our intuition, and our creativity


Become aware when we step out of alignment


Connect to our values, our dreams, and desires


Sense our self-worth and own our personal power

body conscious

Connect to other human beings and our world with love, kindness, and respect


Be open to life


Connect to the 'core' of who we are

What are the reasons women seek Body Conscious Coaching support?

  • Womb healing
  • Deepening connection to your menstrual cycle
  • Accessing an alternative/more holistic approach to healing prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain, and vaginismus
  • To improve your relationship with sex
  • To feel more sensual in your body
  • Embracing your feminine essence and embodying your feminine wisdom
  • Creating, and growing, a sacred feminine biz
  • Healing trauma, specifically pelvic trauma, including birth trauma, pregnancy loss, surgical/medical trauma, and sexual trauma
  • Healing feminine shame – including menstrual shame, sexual shame, feminine body shame
Body Conscious Coaching sessions

During the Body-Connection Coaching Sessions

During these sessions Taryn offers support and guidance to connecting to your deep core, your pelvic bowl, and your root. The core as an energetic centre within our body. Essentially the energetic core is made up of our pelvic bowl, the female reproductive organs that sit within this bowl and the pelvic floor that supports it, our gut-brain (a place of intuition and personal power), our heart, and our lungs. Life-force radiates from this space – our womb that creates life, our heart that keeps us alive, and our lungs that breathe life. This is the space in our body that holds the truth of who we are at the core of our being. Being in powerful communication with this space, therefore, helps us to create a life that feels aligned with our truth, our values, and who we are at our core.

Becoming Body Conscious is essentially about coming home to yourself, trusting in your body’s guidance & shedding the shame that is associated with being in a Woman’s Body. It’s about identifying ways of being that you no longer resonate with and choosing something new for yourself.

 Perhaps you are unable to articulate what it is exactly that you would like to change, but there is an inner knowing that there is something better or different for you.

 Through personalised practiced & intuitive guidance, you will connect to your body’s wisdom & explore your body’s language, allowing you to reveal deeper self truths & create new ways of being.

These sessions invite you to become more intimate with your body, your natural cycles & your creativity, helping you to honor your body, your truth, & your values; particularly when you feel challenged by internal or external pressures. I offer you guidance that allows you to accept the phase that you are in, whilst still propelling yourself forward with great momentum.

Communicate with my body

What happens when I become Body Conscious?

Connecting to our deep core energy helps to:
  • Keep us grounded
  • Become aware when we step out of alignment
  • Sense our self-worth and own our personal power
  • Connect to our values, our dreams, and desires
  • Connect to our feminine wisdom, our intuition, and our creativity
  • Be open to life
  • Connect to other human beings and our world with love, kindness, and respect
  • Connect to the ‘core’ of who we are

When we connect with our core, our body, and our feminine energy, we bring greater awareness to how we are crafting our life. When we open the door to accessing our core we open a door for positive change, deep self-connection, self-love, and self-discovery. We start to understand our natural nature and connect to our truth. We learn how changing simple aspects of how we approach our self and our life can create huge change over time. We see the interconnectedness of everything, and we take back responsibility and ownership of our body, our being, and our lives.


As women, many of us have become disconnected from this space in our body due to societal suppression of feminine energy, and inherited belief systems such as ‘creativity is not as important as productivity’ or ’embracing your femininity is a sign of weakness’. Over many years women have disconnected from their feminine energy, and are now lacking in rituals and self-care practices that help us to honour this sacred space, particularly in the Western world.

  • Feel the power of our feminine energy
  • Understand the value of living in tune with the ebb and flow of our cycle
  • Create at a pace that allows for potency and ease, rather than pushing ourselves into overdrive and forcing ourselves to keep on keeping on
  • Have clear, loving limits and boundaries in all of our relationships
  • Have a healthy sexual desire and can express our desire openly and vulnerably in safe environments
  • Can assert independent judgement
  • Connect with others through grounded emotions
  • Live with fluidity and trust in ourselves and our support networks
  • Lean into the support of others and can sense the support that the universe offers to us always
  • Feel burdened by our feminine body and our feminine nature. Our monthly cycle is inconvenient, our body is never good enough
  • We feel like we are too much – too erratic, unstable, too emotional, too sensitive
  • Lack healthy and clear boundaries in our relationships – in our sexual relationships, our friendships, our working relationships
  • Feel an imbalance of our sexual desire – either it is lacking, or it feels like it’s in overdrive
  • We feel like our feminine body and anything related to it is taboo, dirty, or wrong in some way
  • Lack independent judgement
  • Have difficulty accepting support from others, and can feel like the world is against us more often than not

From an energetic point of view, our core and pelvic energy can either feel open and expansive, restricted and contracted, or dull and muted. When our core or pelvic energy becomes restricted and contracted or dull and muted, we begin to feel the physical effects of this in the form of muscle tension or lack of muscular support respectively. Contracted core energy commonly expresses itself physically in the form of muscle tension in the pelvic region, neck, and shoulders, and jaw. 

Contracted core energy symptoms:
  • Pelvic pain, including pain with sex
  • Pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence
  • Neck and shoulder pain that can lead to headaches
  • Jaw pain, a sometimes dislocating jaw, and grinding teeth
Dull or muted energy is more likely to cause symptoms

associated with decreased muscle tone in the pelvic region like prolapse, incontinence, and low back pain. Women with a silent/quiet pelvis often sense that their relationship with their feminine body has been suppressed and feel disconnected from their body. Common ways to describe the feeling within the silent pelvis are sad, tired, quiet, ignored, lonely, and unsupported.

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