Women's Physiothearpist Melbourne, Women's Wellness Coach Balwyn, Embodiment Therapist

Offered from my Home Clinic in Balwyn (Melbourne) or online, Body-Conscious Coaching is a one-hour powerful Body-Connection Coaching Session designed for women who want to connect with their body & self at a deeper level, to explore their essence & to expand into new ways of being whilst feeling supported along the way.

Becoming Body Conscious is essentially about coming home to yourself, trusting in your body's guidance & shedding the shame that is associated with being in a Woman's Body. It's about identifying ways of being that you no longer resonate with and choosing something new for yourself.  Perhaps you are unable to articulate what it is exactly that you would like to change, but there is an inner knowing that there is something better or different for you.  Through personalised practiced & intuitive guidance, you will connect to your body's wisdom & explore your body's language, allowing you to reveal deeper self truths & create new ways of being.

These sessions invite you to become more intimate with your body, your natural cycles & your creativity, helping you to honor your body, your truth, & your values; particularly when you feel challenged by internal or external pressures. I offer you guidance that allows you to accept the phase that you are in, whilst still propelling yourself forward with great momentum.

1 hour Body Conscious Coaching Session + Voice Message Support for 2 weeks

Investment = $111

Or choose the Body Conscious Package that helps you to sustain your commitment towards deeper self-understanding.

3 X 1 Hour Body Conscious Coaching Session + Voice Message Support + Personalised Practices over 3 motnhs

Investment =  $300

Simply phone, text, or email me to make an appointment or to find out more about working with me.