Preparing my body for birth & optimising my postpartum recovery


How to prepare my body for
Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Online Series

Optimising my postpartum recovery

Throughout pregnancy, birth, & postpartum; a woman’s mind, body, & soul move through incredible changes. Some of these changes can feel incredibly magical and welcome, whilst others can feel confronting & uncomfortable. 

We can feel like our body is failing us and like a stranger in our own skin. We can be left feeling disappointed and disconnected to our body, OR we can embrace  this incredible opportunity to connect to our body, mind & soul on an entirely new level. Our pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey’s can open us to profound body-wisdom & deepen our connection to our feminine intuition.

Even after we have moved through these phases, the teachings are still available to us, and we can learn invaluable information about ourselves, our body, and how life works for us.  There are absolute treasures to be found, if we are curious enough to seek them.


Who is Homegrown for?

Homegrown is for women who want to embrace the full spectrum of the pregnancy and postpartum experience in a way that offers profound and positive transformations – physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Homegrown is for you if you want to feel well prepared for birth, and who want to optimise your postpartum recovery. 

Move through pregnancy and postpartum feeling:

  • well informed about your body; and the changes that occur physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

  • well prepared for birth, and able to optimise your postpartum recovery in a way that feels joyful, pleasurable, sensual, and ease filled

  • connected to your body, and well educated about how to care for, heal, and protect your deep core and pelvic floor 

Homegrown is also designed to help you heal:

  • birth trauma
  • poor body image and body disconnect
  • prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain, or other pelvic symptoms
  • pain with sex or disinterest in sex after birth

preparing body for birth postpartum recovery

What’s inside Homegrown?

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in the program

  • 23 Videos approx 8.5 hours of viewing time
  • 3 x In-depth Journal’s with powerful journal prompts for self-reflection (PDF’s)
  • 3 x Supportive Information Booklet’s (PDF’s)
  • Beautiful anatomical images to support your learning
  • Lifetime Access


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I offer you an opportunity to experience the power of pregnancy & postpartum.
Using a blend of evidence-based physiotherapy, energy medicine, & the wisdom I have gained through my own personal experience, as well as the wisdom I have absorbed by working purely with women for over 6 years, I offer you an opportunity to experience the power of pregnancy + the postpartum journey in a way that highlights how incredibly strong, capable, resilient & profound your body is. The teachings within Homegrown help you to access and unlock and entire world of body wisdom that you hold within.
Homegrown invites you to connect to your wholeness throughout your pregnancy & your postpartum journey. Transition through significant body changes, connecting to your body’s inner guidance, using simple embodied practices. With a strong focus on positive body connection & mindful body awareness, this series offers guided movement, self-massage, meditation, breathwork & wisdom offerings to help you to understand & respond to your body in a way that feels super nourishing.
preparing body for pregnancy, birth & postpartum course


Hi! I’m Taryn, Mama of 3; Lover of Movement & Outdoor Adventure; Author or Body Conscious, & Passionate Women’s Integrated Pelvic Floor Physio & Whole Body Connection Guide. My wish is for every woman to feel at home in her body, whole in her skin, & centred in her self.

After overcoming my own challenges with pelvic pain, I’ve spent the last 6 years developing an alternative therapeutic approach to women’s wellness – combining clinical evidence-based physiotherapy practices with intuitive energy medicine. Reflecting a deep appreciation of the connectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, this unique therapeutic approach has been pivotal in uncovering the core issues of the physical pelvic symptoms that women experience.

Having seen the phenomenal results of this approach, I now teach other  Women’s Health Therapists and practitioners to harness their intuition and create a more integrative approach to their work that honours the wisdom of the woman’s body.


Inside the online series – pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery

Here are the full contents of Homegrown by Taryn Gaudin.

  • Welcome to Homegrown (16:37 mins video)
  • The Deep Core + Pelvic Floor Anatomy + Science (15:26mins video)
  • Deep Core + Pelvic Floor changes during Pregnancy + Birth (15:26mins video)
  • Perineal Massage for Birth Preparation + Postnatal Care (23:57mins video)
  • C-Section Scar Management (15:05mins video)
  • Healthy Bladder + Bowel Habits Booklet (7 page PDF)
  • Early Postpartum Deep Core + Pelvic Floor Care (20:22mins video)
  • Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise – Pre & Postnatal (27:12mins video)
  • The Deep Core + Pelvic Floor Booklet (13 page PDF)
  • Deep Core + Pelvic Bowl Meditation (27:23min video)
  • Womb Massage (25:48mins video)
  • Womb Massage integrated practice (21:39mins video)
  • Womb Massage Guide (PDF Booklet)
  • Womb Journey Meditation (35:32mins video)
  • Pelvic Connection – Mindful Movement Series 4 part video series (9:07mins, 10:09mins + 6:57mins + 8:43mins)
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises (44:46mins video)
  • Pelvic Stretch + Release  (20:42mins video)
  • Pelvic Floor Self-Massage (18:18mins video)

Intuitive / Body Led Movement Pregnancy + Postpartum (47:10mins video)

  • Movement Mindset Journal (18-page PDF)
  • Integrated Pelvic Health (43:38mins video)
  • Womb Wisdom Journal (61-page PDF)
  • Women’s Cycles + Seasons (32:56mins video)
  • Cycles + Seasons BONUS Video (40:08mins)
  • Cycles + Seasons Journal (28-page PDF)
  • Postpartum Sex – Bonus Video (57:40 mins video)

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Investment = $49.95

“I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms.”

I found navigating the platform easy and accessible. After the practices I felt more calm, grounded, and focused and enjoyed how Taryn gives simple breakdowns of things that can be easily incorporated into my daily routines such as the massage, breathing, etc. I also enjoyed the educational aspect, which helped me feel more informed about my body.

The sequencing of videos built a good foundation, but also allowed me to jump around without needing to watch everything in order. Taryn is very calm and knowledgeable in her approach and her passion and expertise shined through. I also liked how Taryn emphasized not needing the perfect environment to practice and working with the time and space you have. I’ve especially enjoyed the sections on pelvic health, massage, exercises, etc.

I would recommend Homegrown to other pregnant moms, those thinking about becoming pregnant, and those postpartum. There is a lot of content for the value, which was awesome and some bonus items, too! 



“I wish I had access to Homegrown during my first two pregnancies.”

“I highly recommend this program to expectant mothers. I wish I had access to homegrown during my first two pregnancies. Taryn goes into depth about the physical, emotional and mental challenges that most women experience through pregnancy and most of the time just deal with them thinking that it’s ‘normal’. I also love the spiritual aspect she has included something I never considered while pregnant. There is so much value in this program, I was having ahh-haa moments during each video. Taryn’s presence is calm, loving and understanding. Taryn is a wealth of knowledge and I’m so grateful she has produced this platform for me to refer back to during the changes and challenges I’m experiencing pre and post-natal.


The Wellness Crew - Victoria

“I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe”

“Taryn is a gifted practitioner with the unique ability to blend the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of pelvic health together. I have experienced many pelvic floor assessments over the years and none of them have incorporated the integrated approach that Taryn creates. Her ability to challenge the traditional idea of pelvic health and wellness by incorporating mind-body awareness and connection is invaluable to those she serves. After years of searching for an integrated pelvic health approach, I’m grateful to have finally found it with Taryn. I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe working with Taryn which helped to create a deep sense of healing. Thank you Taryn for the work you are doing. It is so very needed and appreciated.”


Mamma Bees - Victoria