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Hi! I’m Taryn, Mama of 3; Lover of Movement & Outdoor Adventure; Author or Body Conscious, & Passionate Women's Integrated Pelvic Floor Physio & Whole Body Connection Guide. My wish is for every woman to feel at home in her body, whole in her skin, & centred in her self.

I help women to connect to their wholeness through simple embodied practices so that they may experience and express their fullness in all aspects of their lives. After overcoming my own challenges with pelvic pain, I've spent the last 6 years developing an alternative therapeutic approach to women’s wellness – combining clinical evidence-based physiotherapy practices with intuitive energy medicine. Reflecting a deep appreciation of the connectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, this unique therapeutic approach has been pivotal in uncovering the core issues of the physical pelvic symptoms that women experience. Having seen the phenomenal results of this approach, I am now teaching other  Women's Health Therapists and practitioners to harness their intuition and create a more integrative approach to their work that honours the wisdom of the woman's body.

I believe that YOU are the expert in your body. 

I believe that when you deeply connect with your body, your body will show you the way.

I believe that a positive & powerful connection with your body is the foundation for good living. 

I believe that you deserve to feel at home in your body & when you do, you create a life that truly reflects you.

You can choose to work with me in a number of different ways - face to face (in Townsville) online with personalised calls or through one of my online programs, though mentor training if you are a practitioner, or by reading my book Body Conscious: a woman's guide to holistic pelvic wellness and feminine embodiment. 

Please take a look around, and get to know what I can offer. If you would like to make an appointment, or if you have any questions, please feel very welcome to be in touch.