Taryn Gaudin

Body Conscious Living

AUTHOr, Women’s physiotherapist & feminine embodiment guide 

What Taryn offers

personal support


Online video series offering holistic support during your pregnancy and/or postpartum journey.


Body Conscious Book

Body Conscious: A Woman’s Guide to Holistic Pelvic Health & Feminine Embodiment.

Pelvic health training

Run Mama

Online video series to support your postpartum running journey.


Body Conscious Coaching

Powerful in person or online body connection coaching session.

professional mentoring

Integrated Women's Pelvic Health Training

Health Practitioners online course.


Holistic Health Practitioner Pilgrimage

Online practitioner group & 1:1 mentoring program.

Tell me more about what Taryn has on offer…


To be Body Conscious is to deeply value & appreciate your body & its innate intelligence to support & protect you, as well guide you towards sharing your truth & sensing your wholeness.  This package is designed for women who are committed to creating positive impactful change in their life by connecting to their body-wisdom in person or online.


Body Conscious: A Woman’s Guide to Holistic Pelvic Health & Feminine Embodiment. Body Conscious is for women who are seeking to connect with, and understand their feminine body on a deeper level. It shares the answers to the questions women have about topics that are often considered too delicate to talk about. This book is for women who want more than the western medical approach that offers a limited scope of wellness. Rooted in an understanding that we are more than our physical body, Body Conscious offers an exploration of how our emotional, energetic and spiritual health impacts our pelvic health and overall wellbeing.


Homegrown is an online series that invites you to connect to your wholeness throughout your pregnancy & your postpartum journey. Transition through significant body changes, connecting to your body’s inner guidance, using simple embodied practices. With a strong focus on positive body connection & mindful body awareness, this series offers guided movement, self-massage, meditation, breathwork & wisdom offerings to help you to understand & respond to your body in a way that feels super nourishing.


Rebuild your deep core + pelvic floor from the inside out, and learn to return to running safely after birth with this online self-paced, evidence-based video series.


Integrated Women’s Pelvic Health Training is for Yoga Teachers and other Women’s Health Practitioners who would like to deepen their understanding of Holistic Pelvic Health. Over the past 6 years, Taryn has developed a unique approach to pelvic wellness that is rooted in a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the interconnectedness of the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body. In this 3 part series, Taryn shares a blend of clinical evidence-based approaches to women’s pelvic health, along with an understanding of deep core & pelvic wellness from a whole-body holistic perspective.


Are you wanting to step into a new way of being as an embodied holistic wellness practitioner? Perhaps you sense that there is a more aligned way with working with women that requires a more intuitive approach than the one that you are currently offering. Maybe you feel restricted by the parameters of your profession, and wonder how you could step out of the box whilst maintaining your professional integrity and honouring your evidence based practice. Do you wonder what other therapists might think of you if you radically change your clinical approach? Or wonder how you will find clients that ‘get you’. Having seen the results of transforming my own clinical practice to a way that feels radically aligned and truly holistic, I want to offer you support in doing the same.

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Awesome! You can choose to work with me via online consultations, or face to face from various locations in Townsville. If there is a way in which you envision we could work together that I haven’t offered here on my website, know that I am open to creating a personalised package just for you.

If you prefer a self-paced option check out one of my online courses OR my book Body Conscious: a woman’s guide to holistic pelvic wellness and feminine embodiment.