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Vaginal Mapping / Yoni Mapping Therapy is a deeply personalised, holistic approach towards self-discovery & personal healing. This unique therapy allows you to understand & connect to your feminine body more deeply.  This is an opportunity to connect to, embody & express your core essence & your feminine radiance.

Vaginal /Yoni Mapping is for women who simply want to feel at home in their body.

Together, we create space for you to explore, expand & engage with your body & soul in a holistic way.


This therapy is for women who resonate with any of the following thoughts:

I'm interested to know more about my 'inner world', and how it impacts my outer world & experiences.

I feel somewhat lost & disconnected from my body. I want to 'feel free' in my body. 

I'm not sure why, but there is something about this kind of therapy that just 'speaks to me'.

After childbirth, I am having difficulty reconnecting with my body & my sensuality. 

I am tired of hating my body. It's time to create a fresh relationship with mySELF & my body.

I want to create a life & a lifestyle that matches how I feel inside, but I am unsure what that looks like for me. I feel lost & confused as to what 'my purpose' is.

I want to experience more meaningful relationships, particularly with my partner.  I want to enjoy a greater level of intimacy, & enjoy a more satisfying sex. 

I experience pelvic pain, & I wish it would stop. It affects my relationship with myself, & with others.

Vaginal Mapping & Core Energy Healing helps you to understand the connection between the health of your physical deep core; your relationship to your self & to your body; what you invite into your world, along with how you show up, share & express yourself within all aspects of your life.  It may sound complex, but once you feel this for yourself,  trust that it will make sense & create positive & impactful change in your life.

As you begin to understand the relationship & interaction between the muscles of the deep core; and as you begins to sense areas of muscle tension & altered sensation, you will also begin to notice how what you feel on a physical level is representative of what is happening at a more subtle emotional, energetic & spiritual level.

Together we explore past & present experiences that influence your overall health & wellbeing.  Using thought provoking questions that allow sincere contemplation & an opportunity for reflection, you begin to more deeply understand your core values, your core desires, your fears, & your tendencies. You will deepen your connection to your body & your body's wisdom. Ultimately you create a more positive  relationship with your body & with yourself which will create more positive relationships with others & with life.

These 3 hour sessions are individually unique, but will generally include:

  • Initial consultation (simple chat) regarding your overall health & wellbeing, your therapeutic goals/Intentions, along with an exploration of your pelvic health.
  • A personalised guided connection practice to help you feel more deeply into your body.
  • Collaborative assessment of your deep core & pelvic bowl. Including pelvic & postural alignment, breath patterns, pelvic floor muscle strength/coordination/sensation.
  • Therapeutic techniques to help restore balance - including (but not limited to) yoni/pelvic massage, breath work, guided mediation, aromatherapy, & movement therapy.
  • Reflective contemplation/debrief - opportunity for integration/processing of therapy.
  • Facilitated guidance to creating a home practice/ritual that you can integrate into day to day life.
  • Education & guidance will be provided during the entire session.
  • Informed consent will be acquired throughout the entire session.

These sessions are primarily offered from Element Wellness & Healing 15 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.  Please phone, or text for appointment.