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Postnatal Physiotherapist, Wellness Mentor & Intuitive Movement Guide Taryn joins other health professionals and experts in their fields to offer a range of events and workshops. Taryn offers these events both in person, and online. Events like 'Yoga and Pelvic Health Workshops', & the 'Soul Movement' Program.  

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The next program on offer is the Soul Movement Program. You can find all the detail here. This is a 6 week 'supercharged' journey to recreating your body image, &  reprogramming your approach to movement & exercise. You will learn valuable Intuitive Movement tools, and create a mind body connection that generates energetic nourishment for you mid body & soul. 

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If your a health professional or work in the 'wellness space' and you would like to discuss a potential collaboration, please feel free to email Taryn or phone her to discuss it on 0478 655 010.

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