Do you want to significantly improve your health, wellbeing and experience massive spiritual and personal growth? Do you feel like there is more to life? Do you feel like you 'used to know who you were, but now you don't so much? Do you want to experience a life full of joy and happiness? Do you want to show up as your best version of yourself each day? Do you want all of this, but your not sure how to go about it?  'Wellness Within' offers just that.

Wellness doesn't come in a capsule, or a shake, or even a boot camp with someone yelling at you to 'push a little harder'. Wellness comes from within. It's a matter of  'peeling back the layers', understanding your core values & beliefs, knowing your 'default habits' and why you choose to make the decisions that you do. True wellness comes from experiencing a deep connection to yourself,  and learning to love all parts of you.  When you approach wellbeing from a place of self love, rather then self loathing, you can create profound and lasting shifts in wellness.

Why Wellness Within? 

Do you feel like there is more to life? Do you feel lost? Perhaps even a little bit 'broken'.  Do you want to invite more joy and happiness into your life, but your not sure where to start? Perhaps you strive to show up as your best version of yourself each day, but feel like you keep 'falling short'. Often we seek to 'better ourselves' and create more happiness in our life - but go about it in less than ideal ways - trying to fill our lives with 'things' and 'fix' whatever it is we feel is 'wrong with us'.

'Wellness Within' offers you the opportunity to journey deep within. An opportunity to explore:

  • Your curiosity, passions
  • Your core values & beliefs
  • Your 'habits' & why you choose to do what you do
  • Your self image & your relationship with yourself
  • Your relationship to movement / exercise
  • Your self care practices

With this new understanding, you can then start to create & experience:

  • Unique self care rituals & practices that invite more peace & happiness into your life
  • Habits that continue to move you in a direction of more complete wellness
  • A raised awareness of stress, anxiety & other stimulants of 'ill health', so that you can 'disengage' more swiftly
  • Movement & exercise practices that you love & enjoy, & therefore will continue with
  • Ways to create energetic nourishment for your mind, body, & soul
  • A continued journey inwards

What do 'Wellness Within' Sessions look like?

  • 1 hour face to face or online consultation
  • Detailed 'assessment' questionnaire prior to your session (so that you can get the most out of your session!)
  • Focused discussion with Taryn that will provide opportunity for self reflection & intention setting
  • Personalised self care practices, rituals & tools for you to implement immediately
  • Video record of your call (for online clients only)
  • 1-2 page document of detailed notes
  • Details of personalised practices
  • Cost $115