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Postnatal Exercise & Fitness

Knowing how to return to fitness postpartum can be very challenging! We know that there are certain risks of returning to exercise and sport after birth, and it's important that women are guided by a therapist with postnatal specialist skills. Effects of hormonal changes, pelvic floor and core dysfunction, shifts in Postural Alignment, mean that it is important that Women are guided in their return to exercise and fitness by someone that can provide expert knowledge and advice. Taryn will conduct the appropriate assessments and provide personalised postnatal exercise that will help to 'rebuild and rehabilitate the deep core' whilst working towards your individualised goal.

Taryn offers the gold standard thorough assessment of the pelvic floor and core, which she then uses to guide your return to exercise.   This includes the management and treatment of common postpartum conditions such as Rectus Diastasis, Pelvic Floor and Core Dysfunction, and Musculoskeletal Pain. Taryn will help you to address pelvic floor strength, postural alignment, breathing patterns, core fitness, and overall function. Her aim in not to tell you that you cant perform a particular exercise, but rather to show you how! 

Taryn is very passionate about helping women to return to the exercise that they LOVE and enjoy! She also knows that if you want to run, you need to train for running, and if you want to lift you need to train for lifting. Taryn specialises in 'bridging the gap' between low intensity exercise and higher level / high intensity exercise - which many other therapists / programs don't do. 

You can choose to train with Taryn, or if you have a preferred group training class - Taryn can guide you in appropriate exercise modifications and assist you in a graduated return to exercise that is safe, but in the environment that you prefer.

If you are a fitness professional, personal trainer or if you train women, Taryn can conduct 'Postnatal Screening Clinics' for your clients - if you would like to collaborate, please give me a call - I would love to hear from you. 

Want to return to running after baby? Check out the Run Mama program - an online program designed to make your transition to running after baby much easier and more enjoyable. This program will allow you to rebuild your core and pelvic floor, specifically for running, and answer all of your running questions. You can check out the program here. 

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