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Intuitive Movement

What is Intuitive Movement?

'Intuitive movement', also known as 'Intuitive Exercise', is a Taryn's unique philosophy that allows women to deeply connect with themselves through the use of different movement practices & 'rituals'.  Intuitive movement is about 'tuning in' to your body, and nourishing your body through movement. It involves a range of techniques to help calm the nervous system, energise your body, clear energetic 'blockages', and helps you to bring awareness to your body's natural ability to heal itself through movement. 

Intuitive movement is not just about 'listening your body', it's about connecting with yourself at a far deeper level. Exercise itself has become so 'prescriptive' and 'masculine' in nature, that as a society, we seem to have lost our ability to truely tune in, and connect with our bodies. As women, our power lies in our feminine energy. As with any person, male or female, our power lies within our true self, and our true spirit. Intuitive movement gives you that 'in' - it shows you the way to connect, discover and own your own feminine energy and POWER! 

This doesn't mean that all Intuitive Movement is feminine.... In fact, Intuitive Movement is about embracing ALL MOVEMENT, and allowing your body & SOUL to guide you as to what you 'need' from movement on any given day. Intuitive Movement as a whole is about HEALING our bodies. It will show you that there is a DIFFERENT way to discovering health & wellness, and that it doesn't need to involve 'punishing your body' with 'exercise'. 

Why practice Intuitive Movement?

Practicing intuitive movement brings us enormous health benefits, that go far beyond our physical health. Intuitive Movement is our pathway to complete wellbeing. It is through intuitive movement practices that you can connect at such a deep level with your body and with your soul - that you can start to see your entire world through a different lens.  One that allows you to see what it is your body really needs for it to enjoy wellness!

Fad diets, boot camps, self 'sabotage' and negative self talk - these are just some of the ways that we continue to 'beat ourselves up' and 'put ourselves down'. Your way off this torturous round about is through 'tuning in' to your body and through finding true connection to self - and you do this through Intuitive Movement. 

How do you practice Intuitive Movement?

The first step to learning to practice Intuitive Movement is to start to 'break down the barriers'.  This is about challenging our mindset / perspective of movement and exercise.  We need to sit down and take a good look at our 'relationship with movement'. You can start by simply writing a list of words that you associate with movement/exercise. What do they look like? Are they positive and nourishing? Do they reflect a deep connection with your inner self , your true spirit, and your feminine power? Intuitive Movement provides the strategies you need to create that deep connection with self. Along with this, Intuitive Movement also teaches you how to connect with the world around you - how to move with the elements, and how to connect with Mother Nature.

To practice Intuitive Movement you don't need ANY special equipment - because our world already provides it all for us! Through Intuitive Movement practices you will find new ways to strengthen, new ways to challenge your balance, new ways to increase your flexibility and new ways to increase your 'fitness'.

Want to learn more about Intuitive Movement?

To learn more about Intuitive Movement you can follow Taryn on social media - either over on Facebook or Instagram.  You can also join the The Soul Movement - Women's Wellness Collective where Taryn hosts 'Soul Sessions' - a weekly Facebook live interview series with other womens wellness & wellbeing experts. Along with her #dailydetox short mix rituals - coming soon. 



As an intuitive movement guide Taryn will give you the strategies that you require to tap into your intuition, and help you to heal your body through movement.  Taryn offers Intuitive Movement consultations both face to face, and online. If you would like to book an appointment, or simply access a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION - you can call Taryn on 0478 655 010 or email her -