Women's Physiothearpist Melbourne, Women's Wellness Coach Balwyn, Embodiment Therapist


Offered from my boutique Women's Physiotherapy Clinic in Balwyn (Melbourne), Embodied Living Packages are an extension or continuation of  'Core Embodiment Therapy'. Designed for women who want to connect with their body & self at a deeper level, to explore their passion & purpose, & to expand into new ways of being whilst having someone (me, Taryn!) support & guide them along the way.

Living from your core is about embracing & embodying your core essence. Quite simply, embracing YOU! Your core essence, your core values, and pursuing your core desires. I have been practicing Embodied Living for almost 5 years. It has been both the most challenging thing I have ever committed to, & the most rewarding endeavour I have been blessed to experience.

Whilst I've been blessed with some amazing women to support me along my journey, I often felt lost, anxious & with so many more questions than answers. It was my own personal experience with Pelvic Pain, combined with my experience as a Women's Health Physiotherapist, that lead me to learn about the profound wisdom that is held within our core.  When I was able to connect to & access this wisdom, not only did my Pelvic Pain diminish, my relationship with my body & with myself also changed.

Through exploring my relationship to movement, bringing more awareness to my core energy & my body responds to particular situations, and by learning to listen & honour my body & it's cycles - I was able to heal my pelvic pain, and create the dramatic shifts in my inner & outer world that I was searching for.  This positive shift was my journey towards Embodied Living.

Embodied Living is a rollercoaster. One that I want to share & enjoy with you. I want to help you honour your body, your truth, & your values; particularly when you feel challenged by internal or external pressures. I offer you guidance that allows you to accept the phase that you are in, whilst still propelling yourself forward with great momentum. My role as an Embodiment Specialist to help you connect with your physical & energetic core, so that you can see & express yourself more fully and more completely.

This package include both the initial Core Embodiment Therapy Session along with 5 additional 1 hour sessions. Within each session we use a collaborative approach to decide what type of therapy will be most pertinent & powerful for you.  Choosing this package helps you to sustain your commitment towards deeper self understanding & acknowledgement, & create a more intimate relationship with me as a therapist.

Included in the package:

  • Initial Core Embodiment Therapy Session (2-3 hours)
  • 5 x Follow up consultations (60 -90 min in length)
  • Plus additional email or messenger support between appointments

Total package cost $666

Simply phone, text or email me to make an appointment or to find out more about working with me.