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Core Embodiment Therapy is a deeply personalised, holistic approach towards self discovery & personal healing.  This is an opportunity to connect to, embody & express your core essence. Your core values, your core desires, & your core nature. Quite simply ,YOU!  Using a combination of Women's Physiotherapy Techniques (breath work, pelvic floor therapy, mindful movement practices & more) along with Embodiment Practices that are completely unique to you.

This type of therapy is hugely beneficial for women who intuitively know, sense, or feel, that there is more for them in this world in this lifetime.  

You sense that there is something more for you - but you are unsure what something more is. 


This therapy is for women who resonate with any of the following thoughts:

I am a 'natural mover'. I connect with my body & with my SELF though movement. My body has changed. It's transitioned into something that just doesn't feel like me. I feel lost & disconnected from my body. I want to 'feel free' in my body again. 

I've recently had a baby, & I am having difficulty 'reconnecting' with my body.  I want to heal & recover in a 'smart' way that respects & honours my body, but I also want to generate progress. I'm not sure of the best way to go about it.

I've never had a good relationship with my body. I am tired of hating my body.  It's time to create a fresh relationship with mySELF & my body.

I want to feel strong, fit, fast & resilient in my body. I have worked with coaches & trainers in the past, but I feel like I could be gaining better results. I'm looking for something different, & I'm open to trying a new approach.

I am creating a 'Soul Biz' but I'm not sure what that looks like for me.

I feel confused as to what 'my purpose' is.  I want to create passion fuelled, meaningful impact in my work.

I want to experience more meaningful relationships, particularly with my partner.  I want to enjoy a greater level of intimacy, & enjoy a more 'satisfying' sex. 

I experience pelvic pain, & I wish it would just stop. It affects my relationship with myself, & with others.

The 'Core Embodiment' approach helps you to understand the connection between the health of your physical deep core; your relationship to your self & to your body; what you invite into your world, along with how you show up, share & express yourself within all aspects of your life.  It may sound complex, but once you feel this for yourself, I trust that it will make meaningful sense & create positive & impactful change in your life.

As you begin to understand the relationship & interaction between the muscles of the deep core; and as you begins to sense areas of muscle tension & altered sensation, you will also begin to notice how what you feel on a physical level is representative of what is happening at a more subtle emotional, energetic & spiritual level.

Together we explore past & present experiences that influence your overall health & wellbeing.  Using thought provoking questions that allow sincere contemplation & an opportunity for reflection, you begin to more deeply understand your core values, your core desires, your fears, & your tendencies. You will deepen your connection to your body & your body's wisdom. Ultimately you will realise that your relationship with your body & with yourself affects your relationship with others & with life. A positive personal relationship with your body & with yourself creates positive relationships with others & with life.

These 2-3 hour sessions are individually unique, but will generally include:

  • Initial consultation (simple chat) regarding your overall health & wellbeing, current goals/intentions, along with an exploration your core & pelvic floor health.
  • Collaborative physical 'assessment' of your deep core. (You decide how 'in depth' you feel comfortable with) Including pelvic & postural 'alignment', breath patterns, pelvic floor muscle strength/coordination/sensation.
  • Therapeutic techniques to help restore balance - including (but not limited to) massage, breath work, guided mediation, and movement therapy.
  • Reflective contemplation, allowing us to consider our physical & energetic 'findings'.
  • Facilitated guidance to creating an 'at home' practice that you can integrate into day to day life.
  • Education & guidance will be provided during the entire session.

These sessions are conducted at my Women's Physiotherapy Clinic - from my home in Balwyn, Melbourne.  The cost for your initial Core Embodiment Therapy session is $149. Receipts for Private Health Rebates are available upon request. Please phone, or text for appointment.