Embodiment Therapy

About Taryn

Hey beautiful, I’m Taryn. Mama of 2, & Women's Embodiment Physiotherapist.

As a Women's Physiotherapist & Embodiment Specialist, I help women to deeply connect with their physical body, to strengthen mind-body connection & understand their mind-body mindset. Quite simply, I help women feel good in their body & connected to their body so that they can access their body's wisdom.  My role is to guide, & walk alongside you, as you journey towards 'Embodied Living' - so that you can move through your world radiating your core essence.  I help you to access, embody, & express the unique & powerful woman that you are.

Generally I work with women who already move through their world with drive, commitment, fullness & motivation, but are seeking something MORE - even though they are unsure what exactly that ’something is.

Generally, the women that I work with resonate with one or more of the following statements:

I am a 'natural mover'. I connect with my body & with my SELF though movement. But something has shifted, my [insert pre/postnatal, post/pre menopause, ageing etc] body is transitioning. My body feels completely different. I feel lost & disconnected from my body. I want to 'feel free' in my body again. 

I've recently had a baby, & I am having difficulty 'reconnecting' with my body.  I want to heal & recover in a 'smart' way that offers respect & honours my body, but I also want to feel like I am generating progress. I'm not sure of the best way to go about it.

I've never had a good relationship with my body. I am tired of hating my body.  It's time to create a fresh relationship with mySELF & my body.

I want to feel strong, fit, fast & resilient in my body. I have worked with coaches & trainers in the past, but I feel like I could be gaining better results. I'm looking for something different, & I'm open to trying a new approach.

I am creating a 'Soul Biz' but I'm not sure what that looks like for me. I want to connect to my message with depth & clarity, but I am finding it challenging.

I feel confused as to what 'my purpose' is.  I want to create passion fuelled, meaningful impact in my work.

I want to experience more meaningful relationships, particularly with my partner.  I want to enjoy a greater level of intimacy, & enjoy a more 'satisfying' sex. 

I experience pelvic pain, & I wish it would just stop. It affects my relationship with myself, & with others.


My therapeutic approach is holistic & collaborative. Some of the techniques I use to help women to explore their relationship with their body & self include:

  • Holistic Core & Pelvic Floor Therapy; including physical & energetic assessment & treatment
  • Internal & external Pelvic Floor Therapy
  • General Physiotherapy techniques
  • Movement Therapy - including my signature 'Soul Movement' Practices
  • Energetic release work - massage, self massage & energetic balancing practices
  • Meditation - Guided breath work, visualisation & deep relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset shifts - including belief unveiling & belief reprogramming
  • Personalised self care rituals, & self care practices

My BIG VISION is to help you to live a life full of passion, that is anchored in a sense of calm, peace, acceptance, love, happiness & joy.

If you are seeking

  • To become more ‘in tune’ with your body
  • To create a positive shift in your body and in your mindset..
  • To enjoy energetic nourishment for your mind, body & soul
  • To live a life full of passion that embodies your core values

Then I invite you to connect with me. You can choose to work with me face to face (highly recommended, particularly if you live in Melbourne), or online.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Taryn x