Embodiment Therapy

About Taryn

Hey beautiful, I’m Taryn. Mama of 2, & Women's Wellness Mentor, Pelvic Floor Physio & Yoni Mapping Therapist.

Hi beauty, I'm Taryn. Thanks for being here. Please let me tell you a bit more about myself.

Briefly, I specialise in Pre & Postnatal Core & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Movement & Exercise for Women, & Yoni Mapping Therapy.  Quite simply, I help you to know & understand your body better, so that you can heal physically & emotionally from the inside out.

I believe in showing you how, rather than telling you you can't! 

I believe that when you are in deep connection with your body, your body will show you the way!

I believe that a positive & powerful connection with your body is the foundation for good living! 

I believe that you deserve to feel really really good in your body! 

My approach to Women's Therapy is a unique blend of holistic therapy where science meets soul. My ongoing professional development as a Women's Physiotherapist is what makes me a really good therapist. But, my experience as a Mother, my passion & resilience as an athlete, my daily dedication to movement & mindfulness, & my continued commitment to self development & self understanding,  is what I believe makes me an excellent therapist.

My passion is to help women to deeply connect with their physical body - in particular their feminine body, to strengthen their mind-body connection & to understand their mind-body mindset so that they can feel at home in their body. To me, there is nothing better than witnessing a woman accessing her own's body's wisdom - however that may look for her. Whether that be through hitting an athletic goal, feeling confident in her ability as a mother, igniting & pursuing her passions in her life & her work, or simply feeling really good in her own skin.   

Generally I work with women who already move through their world with drive, commitment, fullness & motivation, but are seeking something MORE - even though they are unsure what exactly that ’something is.

Generally, the women that I work with resonate with one or more of the following statements:

I am a 'natural mover'. I connect with my body & with my SELF though movement. But something has shifted, my [insert pre/postnatal, post/pre menopause, ageing etc] body is transitioning. My body feels completely different. I feel lost & disconnected from my body. I want to 'feel free' in my body again. 

I am on a 'personal healing journey' & I feel like the next step is to connect with my body, particularly my feminine self. I don't know what Yoni mapping therapy is exactly, but I am certainly interested in experiencing it.

I've recently had a baby, & I am having difficulty 'reconnecting' with my body.  I want to heal & recover in a 'smart' way that offers respect & honours my body, but I also want to feel like I am generating progress. I'm not sure of the best way to go about it.

I've never had a good relationship with my body. I am tired of hating my body.  It's time to create a fresh relationship with mySELF & my body.

I want to feel strong, fit, fast & resilient in my body. I have worked with coaches & trainers in the past, but I feel like I could be gaining better results. I'm looking for something different, & I'm open to trying a new approach.

I am creating a 'Soul Biz' but I'm not sure what that looks like for me. I want to connect to my message with depth & clarity, but I am finding it challenging. I want to create passion fuelled, meaningful impact in my work, but I feel there is a missing piece. 

I want to create a life & a lifestyle that I love. One that truely reflects who I am as a person. I no longer jive with living up to other peoples standards. I want my outer world to reflect my inner world.   

I want to experience more meaningful relationships, particularly with my partner.  I want to enjoy a greater level of intimacy, & enjoy a more 'satisfying' sex. 

I experience pelvic pain, & I wish it would just stop. It affects my relationship with myself, & with others.


Some of the techniques I use to help women to explore & expand their relationship with their body & self include:

  • Holistic Core & Pelvic Floor Therapy
  • Yoni Mapping Therapy
  • Internal & external Pelvic Floor Therapy
  • General Physiotherapy techniques
  • Movement Therapy - engaging my expansive 'Soul Movement' Philosopy
  • Energetic release work - massage, self massage & energetic balancing practices
  • Meditation - Guided breath work, visualisation & deep relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset shifts - including belief unveiling & belief reprogramming
  • Personalised self care rituals, & self care practices

My BIG VISION is to help you trust your body & it's guidance; so that you can live a life that feels aligned, and one that feels anchored in a sense of calm, peace, acceptance, love, happiness & joy. 

If you are seeking

  • To become more ‘in tune’ with your body
  • To feel really good & at home in your body
  • To create a positive shift in your body and in your mindset
  • To enjoy energetic nourishment for your mind, body & soul
  • To live a life full of passion that embodies your core values

Then I invite you to connect with me. You can choose to work with me face to face (highly recommended, particularly if you live in Melbourne), or online. Simply email, phone or text, or connect with me on social media.

Taryn x