About Taryn

I'm Taryn, Thank you for joining me

Hey beautiful, I’m Taryn. Mama of 2, Women's Physiotherapist, Soul Movement guide, passionate women’s wellness warrior & connected spiritual being.

As a Postnatal Physiotherapist & Intuitive Movement Guide, I help women to deeply connect with themselves physically, emotionally & spiritually so that they can enjoy complete wellness. As a therapist, I provide you with the strategies and tools that help you to move towards holistic healing and health.

My approach is simple, yet profoundly effective.  I don't believe there are any 'magic pills', supplements or 'quick fixes' when it comes to wellbeing.  Instead, I choose to use strategies that promote:

  • Self 'discovery'
  • Raised conscious awareness
  • Deep connection to self
  • Self care, and
  • Self love, where we can love all parts of our being.

When we approach our wellness from a place of self love, rather than self loathing, we can make profound and lasting changes to our wellbeing. My toolkit includes, but is not limited to:

  • General Physiotherapy techniques including Core & Pelvic Floor healing & recovery
  • Movement - Intuitive Movement / Soul Movement Practices
  • Energetic release work - Massage, self massage and energetic balancing practices
  • Meditation - Guided breath work, visualisation & deep relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset shifts - including belief unveiling & belief reprogramming
  • Personalised self care rituals, and self care practices

My BIG VISION is to help you to bring more love, more joy, and more happiness into your life - both for you, and for your entire family.  I want to help you experience a deeper connection to yourself, and self love.

I want you to enjoy taking time for yourself, to create calm, ease, love, happiness & awareness in your life.

Generally I work with women who already move through their world with drive, commitment, fullness & motivation, but are seeking something MORE - even though they are unsure what exactly that ’something is….

If you are seeking MORE TIME, MORE EASE & MORE SPACE in your life….

If you want to open the doors of less struggle in your life….

If you are seeking to become more ‘in tune’ with your body, and if you want to create a positive shift in your body and in your mindset….

If you want to to create energetic nourishment, and feel that space in your life that you desire so that you have more time to do more of what you LOVE….. 

Then I invite you to connect with me. You can choose to work with me face to face, online, one to one, or through one of my online offerings.  You can take a look at my current services & offerings here.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Taryn x